Frya Cup 2003 – Day 1

This morning it rained hard in Oslo, so I was not in a big hurry to get going to Frya. As I drove North it gradually became better, and at Frya it was quite dry, but cloudy. We hung around for a while, about 8 pilots showed up. After lunch and lots of coffe at Fryatun we went up to takeoff and set up. We cancelled the comp since it was obvious it was not going to be comp conditions. I took of as the first pilot as I wanted to fly before the next snow squall came through. It was unstable and I found some light lift and took it to a hundred meters over start, nice lift in totally gray conditions. Erik Vermaas and Werner took of after me and also found lift. We flew around for around 20 minutes and enjoyed the nice air. A new snow squall came over the mountains from the North so I decided to get down and land. Erik and Werner landed right next to me. The rest of the guys flew afer the snow had passed.

The helmet was very nice, I was wondering how it would feel to fly with the visir and not feel the air in my face. The 20 minute flight was no problem, I could hear and feel the air on my body. Nice to have a cover over my face in the cold air.

Forecast for tomorrow and Saturday looks very nice, but the unstable conditions might overdelvelop. I hope we get off early and manage to complete the task. Lots of people are expected to show up tomorrow.