New CompeGPS 5.0

Just downloaded CompeGPS 5.0 and played with yesterdays tracklog, most of the new features are in the 3D mode of the program. The thermals are calculated and marked from the tracklog, and you can view the flight in “realtime” with a glider that turns and banks like real. Update and evaluation version can be downloaded from

These images are from my flight yesterday at Sundvollen. The orange and red cylinders are thermals.

Another useful program is SeeYou, a Slovenian program originally made for Sailplane use, but nice for all free flight logging. SeeYou’s killer feature is integrated 3D maps. You can download an avaluation version from Both SeeYou and CompeGPS read IGC files for the tracklog. Newest version of GpsDump can write IGC files, as well as read old flights from the international flightlog and save to IGC format. Highly recommended!