Spring thermals

Spring is here! Bjørn Hammer and I went up to Sundvollen this afternoon for what looked like a sledder. I got off first, found sink for a while, and flew out towards the hotel in search of thermals. Got some very weak stuff over the road and started turning in broken weak lift. It gradually improved to 2 m/s as I passed the top of the ridge, and then slowed down again and stopped at around 700 meters. The day was blue and some high cloud filtering the sun warming. I went back over takeoff where a Paraglider took off and went down. I found some more lift there and Bjørn took off and scratched the ridge for 15 minutes below me. I continued flying, following the ridge towards Gurihaugen and found some good lift between strong sink.

For the first time ever I caught my shoelace in the main harness zipper, and had to fly with the harness open. My legs soon started to cramp up, I aborted my target of Åsa and glided back to land on the ice (Rather unelegantly with my foot stuck in the harness :-)) Met up with Fritz and Anne-Lena to have some pizza and coffe back in Oslo, pretty good for a Monday. Logbook entry