Salad bowl

I’ve been flying with a Icaro Skyrunner helmet for quite a few years now. I got my first one when I started flying, and it saved my life when I flew headfirst into a rock after a failed takeoff from Vole. The one I fly with now have been with me since easter 98, and is quite beaten up by now. Icaro released the 4Fight half face “head fairing” last year, looks nice but have no protection. It was quite popular, and this made Icaro design a real helmet with the same shape.

Guess what I’m gonna get for Easter ? ;-)

2 thoughts on “Salad bowl”

  1. Hi!

    I’m a researcher for Mentorn TV in the UK. I am currently working on a programme called “The Little Thing that Saved my Life” and see that your helmet saved yours! Please get in touch with me on the above email address if you would like to be involved in the programme.

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