Deniliquin, NSW, Australia

Last night we went to Echuca to see the Two Towers, it rained a little on the way back, and also rained quite a lot tonight. On briefing it was overcast and a little rain in the air. The task committee wanted to try to get a task done, a miracle could happen, so we drove out to the paddoc through more rain. Arriving there it was quite clear nobody wanted to fly in the poor conditions, while a few pilots wanted to practice towing. As long as the paddoc is reasonably dry it’s OK, but if the dust gets wet you’ll get stuck in mud.

The results are up on I came 22 yesterday, about 130 pilots here in all classes. Too bad we could not fly earlier in the day, I think that cloudbase was at 3800 meters, some people got to 4000 meters in the thermals. That’s the highest cloudbase I’ve ever flown under, and as we have full clearance to the gound here on the flatlands you can go a looong way with that height. I flew 79 of the 108 km task distance, if I had made the second TP at 80 km with enough altitude to drift over the tress it would be quite easy to just drift downwind into goal.

The forecast for tomorrow is bad, with storms and strong winds. After the front have passed it’s going to be great. (We hope)
Picture of towing paddoc on the training day
Paddoc on training day