Deniliquin, NSW, Australia

The practice day was pretty good, we got a few tows, but got out a little to late. I towed Gordon up first, he climbed straight out, then it switched to blowing from the back and cross. We waited, but had to give up, and moved 700 meters of towrope to the cross towing strip. Good thing the towing field is huge (Each of the 20 lanes are 2,5 km long) Eventually we could tow again, Olav got up in the last thermal, I had the rope break once, and got a few circles in zero.

Yesterday we flew the first task, after some waiting for the wind to calm down. We are in the aerotow, and there was confusion on where to set up. I had to walk my glider 300 meters in strong winds and 35 degrees to get to the right trike. The dolly stuck to the basebar on my first tow as I lifted off, at 20 meters the weaklink broke, and I had to kick and hit the dolly to have it fall off so I could land. Second tow was OK, and I got a good climb out of the paddoc with up to 4,5 meters average climb up to 3000 meters. As I started gliding my VG did not work, and I could not get the VG more then 1/4 on. That made it pretty tough to fly with loads of bar pressure.

The task was strange with a long crosswind leg against pretty strong winds. I made the first TP reasonably high, but the crosswind leg was in a blue hole, where there was lots of people on the ground already. I made it withing 2 km from the second TP, along with Gordon. Olav and Otto a few km back. 8 guys in goal, Oleg first.

Yoday was canned because of strong winds, we have been tuning gliders and making new headsets and stuff. Might be blown out tomorrow as well, it’s forecasted storms.