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IT news

There’s been some updates to the various software we use for flying relates stuff, I’ve reinstalled my computer and discovered new versions of software as I was reinstalling.

Brauniger have released 2.19a for the Compeo, should fix the “going silent in lift” bug.

Stein have made a new version of GPSDump that fixes a few problems with the PL2303 based serial-USB adapters. It’s not on the web yet, but I tested it this weekend while scoring Milslukern.

Prolific have released a new 2.0.20 version of the USB-serial driver, I’ve not tested if it works better but the next week I will score the nationals with it, so then I will know :-)

There’s also a new firmware for the Garmin 60CS, that fixes some minor USB problems.

Easter and more

Sorry for the lack of updates, the Italian GSM networks still suck, so I could not connect to the internet easily. I’ve talked to Lolita at Tilly’s, and volunteered to help her set up a wireless internet zone in the hotel next year, that will make it much easier to get on the net.

This Easter has been the worst I’ve had since 1998, the weather was really bad with snowstorms while we waited in Germany, and in Bassano it was raining a lot. Most of the pilots went home early because of the bad weather, but the last few days were better.
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Garmin GPSMAP 60CS

Ohh… Ahhh.. Yes baby! This thing is even better than I thought. I found a data field on the map screen that is “glide ratio to next TP” ! YEAH! GO GARMIN! This is my new favourite toy, (Until my Litespeed S arrives at least). The map screen is customizable, and all data field can be changed. The screen is the best LCD I’ve seen, and very good even in direct sunshine.

Adjustable tracklog interval for those long XC flight, and turn by turn directions while driving. (Very useful when not flying) It’s even got an Asteroids game! What more can you ask for while waiting for retreive.

I’m talking about my new Garmin GPSMAP 60CS that just arrived in the mail today. What a beauty. More on this GPS later, have to work now.

New 3D maps for CompeGPS

CompeGPS is my program of choice for displaying and working with GPS tracklogs. It’s also the program we use for scoring competitions with GPS. The developers have been very active adding new features and format support to the progam, it supports a lot of different map formats.

The latest version 5.3 have a plug-in to support the newest 3D data from the US Geological Service, with a resulution of 100×100 meters. The maps cover almost the entire planet, with the notable exception of landmass north of 61° north. A lot of our flying in Norway is done above the 61° line. (Yes we have very good thermals) I have some GPTOPO30 3D data that covers all the world, but these have 1000×1000 meter resolution.

Wishlist for 2004 – Free vector based 2 and 3D maps for Norway with 10×10 meter resolution.

Salad bowl

I’ve been flying with a Icaro Skyrunner helmet for quite a few years now. I got my first one when I started flying, and it saved my life when I flew headfirst into a rock after a failed takeoff from Vole. The one I fly with now have been with me since easter 98, and is quite beaten up by now. Icaro released the 4Fight half face “head fairing” last year, looks nice but have no protection. It was quite popular, and this made Icaro design a real helmet with the same shape.

Guess what I’m gonna get for Easter ? ;-)

New CompeGPS 5.0

Just downloaded CompeGPS 5.0 and played with yesterdays tracklog, most of the new features are in the 3D mode of the program. The thermals are calculated and marked from the tracklog, and you can view the flight in “realtime” with a glider that turns and banks like real. Update and evaluation version can be downloaded from

These images are from my flight yesterday at Sundvollen. The orange and red cylinders are thermals.

Another useful program is SeeYou, a Slovenian program originally made for Sailplane use, but nice for all free flight logging. SeeYou’s killer feature is integrated 3D maps. You can download an avaluation version from Both SeeYou and CompeGPS read IGC files for the tracklog. Newest version of GpsDump can write IGC files, as well as read old flights from the international flightlog and save to IGC format. Highly recommended!

Galileo on the way

Just got a call from TollPost speditor, my Brauniger Galileo have returned from service in Germany. Should have it on Monday. I’ll write a review when I have it back and can play with it some more to get all the details right.