Forbes flatlands 2018, day 1

Arriving in Sydney on the 27. I had the luxury of being picked up by Olav Opsanger directly from the airport. He’s been in Australia some weeks already and had everything sorted with car and gear. We drove straight to the airfield in Forbes and the weather went from rain and 12 degrees in the Blue mountains to 32 degrees and sun + cumulus in Forbes. Olav got a short flight, while I was too tired after no sleep for two days of travel.

Thursday was first practice day, we got organized in the morning, and I picked up my new Litespeed RX Pro from Vicki and set it up at the airport for a test flight. The conditions were nice with 2900m cludbase and some good lift up to 3 m/s.

I flew for around 1:30, and enjoyed the new glider. It’s the sweetest handling and landing Litespeed I’ve ever flown, and I think we will be good friends after a few small tweaks.

My new RX Pro 2018.

Today was the first competition day. The forecasts for today were all over the place, but none were very good. We got an initial task of 176km towards Cowra, straight line to goal. We set up under a gray sky, and strong winds.

Setup day 1, gray and windy

After much waiting and a few delays the task was shortened to 140something km, and a bot more easterly to avoid the incoming rain. As the first pilots startet to tow around 14:30 we got the message that the task was cancelled due to rain.

Forecast for tomorrow is not that good yet, but the rest of the week should be great.

There might be official tracking in the comp, but we do not have it yet. I’ll post links if7when it’s ready.

You can also follow us with mine and Olav’s SPOT trackers here;

Oyvind SPOT tracker

Olav SPOT tracker

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  1. I love to read what you’re writing! It’s so much fun following the competition. Wishing you the best of luck!

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