Brasilia Worlds 2017, Task 1

It was quite a good day to start off the worlds, with blue skies, calm winds and very high cloudbase at over 3500 meters. We got a task of 107km out and almost return, with goal close to Planantina.

Despite having a total of 134 competition pilots on launch it went very quickly to get everyone airborne. I had a very hard time getting up above the ridge after takeoff, and spent a lot of time low searching for a core that could get me up to the rest of the pilots waiting for the start above. I finally got up to 2550m just in time for the first start gate and went on glide out of the start circle quite low compared to the rest of the gaggle.

I went with a group of pilots on track, but we got a pretty bad line with very turbulent and broken lift for the next 3-4 thermals, before we finally found a good core getting close to the altitude limit at 3500m. From halfway and to goal I could stay high and pick better lift, so I could catch up a little of the lost time from the start.

Olav, me and Johnny all made goal in the end, in 27. 64. and 72. place, making it an OK first day of the comp, but we need to speed up for the rest of the days.

Team Norway in goal after packing up;

Team Norway in goal, 2017 worlds, task 1

Preliminary results are here (Click “Prova 1” and “Class 1”;