Flying fibreglass at Starmoen

It was forecasted grey conditions and not much thermals, but I was aiming for a nice afternoon and getting my check flight at Starmoen. I got checked out on the Duo Discus T with Ole Marskar as instructor, it’s a nice plane and with the sustainer engine we could climb quite well.

On the first flight we got to thermal with a gaggle of Cranes migrating north for the summer, it was a really nice experience!

After my two check flights I took flights with Georgia and Gunnar as passengers. It was a bit turbulent today, and Georgia quickly got airsick so we came back down after 15 minutes. When I was flying with Gunnar we found a few rough and weak thermals, but strong enough to climb to around 1200 meters. Gunnar tried to thermal, but got airsick as well after some time fighting with the rough air.

All in all a great day out, with around 2 hours airtime and 4 tows. Thanks to Ole, Ulf, the Tuggie, and everyone else at Starmoen for a nice flying day!