AI in OSL airspace, hangglider?

Yesterday we had a possible Airspace Infringement in OSL airspace, the pilot and copilot of a SAS airliner spotted a flying object at around 8000ft in the controlled airspace, and the news reported it as a hangglider or sailplane. The airspace was closed for more than one hour, and thousands of passengers were delayed and many flights had to be redirected to other airports.

Our airsports organization have been working intensively to clarify if it was any of our members, but it seems no sailplane, hangglider, paraglider or microlight was flying in that area at the time. It was too windy to fly hang or paraglider safely yesterday, and cloudbase seemed a lot lower than 8000ft.

Anyway, here’s the interview I made for the national news channel, they only used a tiny portion of what they filmed for the interview.