It’s time to head down under again! I was lucky with the timing of the flight to Australia, as it was chaos in the days leading up to Christmas. I had booked my flights on the 24/12 with a connecting flight in London, and I was prepared for lots of delays, but everything went on schedule, and I got my seat on Quantas’ newest Airbus 380 in London. The plane was just one week old, and none of the engines exploded or fell off.

As usual my harness did not arrive on the plane with me, but it came 2 days later. No biggie, I did not need it yet, as I was just relaxing in my hotel, for a day, waiting for Olav to arrive before driving to Forbes. I shipped my glider two weeks ago, but it also got delayed and arrived only today. I can’t get it out, since custom’s closed until Wednesday. This is much more annoying, and means I probably have to drive back to Sydney to get it.

 Walking around in our old neighbourhood in Sydney feels strange, in one way it feels like I never left, but also it’s like ages ago since we packed up and went back to Oslo. Nothing’s changed in Glebe, except it’s much warmer now and the trees are green again.

Olav’s flight through Frankfurt was cancelled, so he’s around 14 hours behind schedule, the weather forecast for Forbes and areas seems good the next days, not stellar conditions but flyable, so it will be good to get there now. There’s major flooding in SE Queensland, but it will not affect us for now at least.