At LHR, waiting…

The fog was dense at OSL airport yesterday evening, and the captain of the SK 737 we flew in from Northern Norway aborted the landing and did a new approach due to problems with the ILS instruments. The second attempt was good and smooth in very poor visibility.

This morning we got up and Fredrik drove us back to OSL in the -13 degrees and fog. The flight to Heathrow was on time, and we are currently waiting at LHR at the Bridge cafe. We have a Singapore Airlines flight on an Airbus 380 via Singapore tonight, it’s going to be interesting to fly in the A380.

2 thoughts on “At LHR, waiting…”

    1. Big, very quiet, widescreen LCD screens and loads of movies and games to choose from, LED lights everywhere. Simply the best for long flights. Still cramped in coach class as every other plane, but the overall feel is better.

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