Bogong Cup 2009, day 4

Finally some flying! The winds were really strong during the night, but calmed down and was quite light in  the morning. We drove up to Mustic at Bright, and set up in the dustbowl there. (Some lucky bastards got to set up on the carpet :-))

We got a 120 something task, back to Mt. Beauty airstrip via 3 TP. The air was rough at takeoff and I was dead tired before the start gate. Taking the first start gate I got stuck low on a ridge just after the start circle, and lost a lot of time, but I was lucky to not land there. I watched Olav and Robert Reisinger land under me, just as thought I was doomed too I found a nice core and got back up again together with Gerolf and Lucas. It was headwind and difficult to the TP, the inversion stopped us at 1400 meters, and it felt like the 20 km to the TP took forever. From the first TP it was OK and I stayed high until the last TP where we had to cross the valley and came back low on the ridge.

Working up from there with Davis Straub and a few other pilots I had a OK run, and as usual found all the best lift while on final glide. 11. place, not too bad, and I’m happy to not have landed at the start.

Today we go to Mt. Buffalo, looks like a good day again.