Forbes, day 4, sick day for me.

When we came home from flying yesterday I felt awake and thought that the jetlag was gone, I was happy about it. But I soon found out that I could not sleep at all during the night. I felt sick and not very rested in the morning.

We got a 192 km task to the NE, forecast for cloudbase at 4000 meters, and 20 km winds.

Arriving at the airport we set up in the heat, 42 degrees today, and got ready to tow. I was number 7 in my line, and was again in for a good start time if I got up. When I got up to the start line, I had one pilot in front of me, and suddenly the wind switches around, and we get strong tailwind. It was a huge dustdevil picking up in front of us, and the two pilots that were coming in to land was caught by it. One pilot slams in hard, and is picked up by the ambulance. We’re told he’s OK, just have to be checked at the hospital.

The accident stops the towing for almost 45 minutes. Waiting in the harness in the sun takes it toll, I wanted to get up in the cool air, but by the time towing started again I was so sick that I decided to not push it. I packed up my glider and got a ride back to the hotel to take a cold shower and a get few hours sleep.

Olav and Nic made it to goal, I guess it was a fantastic day as long as you got up in the air.