More on day 2

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The carnage on the first day seemed to never end, Olav’s glider was fine after replacing one upright, but he was then attacked by an eagle while flying the task. The eagle tore holes in the top surface of his sail with its claws. Steve Moyes had a bad landing, and hurt his finger, so he could not fly anymore, that was lucky for me as I could get parts from Steve’s glider to repair mine.

I wanted to get off the ground as soon as possible yesterday, but there were still some small things to do on the glider, so I had to wait a bit for the tow again. I was having a headache, and felt nausea from being dehydrated working on the glider in the morning. I drunk at least 3 liters before takeoff, so it would help during the flight, but I still felt sick and had to take it easy during the flight.

On course I teamed up with Lucas Bader and Phil Schroeder for a while, but I lost Lucas from sight when we went on glide again. I later heard he went a little left behind me, and got a new 5 m/s thermal and could start the final glide from there, while I had to take one more thermal.

I did get a OK time, despite taking it easy. We get penalized for taking the last start gate.

Briefing is in 3 minutes now, looks like a good day again today.