Arrived in Forbes

I flew Oslo – London in the morning, and had to wait 7 hours at Heathrow for my flight to Sydney. Not too bad, I found a good book and a quiet pub, so time went by quickly at the airport. I could not sleep on the flight from London to Sydney at all, so that flight felt like it took forever.

Olav have been in Sydney a few days, so he picked me up at the airport and we drove straight from Sydney to Forbes. It’s a 4 hour drive, and we arrived hoping to have a short flight on the new gliders, but it was way too windy to fly. So I tried to sleep a few hours, before having dinner. We met Nic from Switzerland and teamed up with him as he was alone but had a driver and a big car. So we’re all set for the comp.

The weather here is sunny and warm, it was 34 degrees yesterday, but it might be windy the next few days. Looks like there will be around 80 pilots in the comp, many are already here, and the rest will arrive today.

Going to bed at 22, I quickly fell asleep, but woke up again at 03 hungry for dinner, and could not sleep more. Jetlag sucks…

We will go out to the airfield again today, and I really hope we can get a few flights in today to get a little bit used to towing and thermals again before the comp starts.