Header image in Internet Explorer 7

Since I changed the layout of the website last spring I’ve had a really nice header image, but I made a small error when changing the image, and it did not show as it should in Internet Explorer. I testet the new layout in many browsers, but I made a small change to the header image after all the tests. (Doh!) I only use Firefox, so I only saw it by accident when browsing my site on a colleague’s computer.

More than 60% of you use IE, but not a single person commented or complained, I must have really polite readers :-)

Anyway enjoy Oslo in fall colors in the header image.

Browser statistics for last 9 months
Internet Explorer – 63.02%
Firefox – 31.02%
Safari – 2.48%
Opera – 1.77%
Mozilla – 1.17%

Our course is running well, despite some bad weather lately. Looks like we will have a nice new afternoon tomorrow.

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