Weak thermals at Sundvollen

Today looked like a OK day on the forecast, so I decided to go flying. When I arrived at Sundvollen I went out to check if the ice on the fjord was still save, it made some bad noises when we were walking on it, but it was still tick enough.

There was lots of pilots at takeoff, I met up with my students Sindre and Gunnar, and sent them out in nice conditions. I set up on the upper takeoff, and waited for the sun to heat the ground a little more, but the cirrus became thicker and conditions slower. Earlier some paragliders had a few turns in weak lift, so it seemed like a good day if we only got some more sun.

I did not want to get stuck in tailwind from the bora effect, so I got ready and waited for a weak cycle to come in. I popped the nose a little on takeoff, but pulled in again and got off safely, need to get a few more foot launch takeoffs and flights to get back in flying shape.

Terje Brønstad, Werner, Petter and me had decided to glide to the cafe at Vik. It’s a nice 4 km glide from the takeoff, and a good test of glider performance. On my old Xtralite I never came close to making it, but with the today with the Litespeed RS I came in with plenty of altitude to spare, and did a 180 degrees over the cafe to land out on the ice. The conditions got even weaker, and Werner was the last to take off and came in to land as we were packing up on the beach. Not your average sunny beach this, but it was nice to pack up on the grass. With coffee and waffles on the cafe to round things off this was a nice day.