CIVL meeting in Mexico, Brasilia, Italy

This years CIVL meeting was in Manzanillo on the west coast of Mexico. Knut and I are the delegates for the meeting, and Stein Tore also traveled there to work on the scoring parts. The meeting was OK if a little inefficient, we had good progress on many aspects of competition matters. Knut and I had brought paragliders with us, and together with Esa from Finland we tried to get some flying the day before the meeting. We found a nice inland site near Colima, but the conditions were a little strong, so we drove to the coast to dune soar.

Esa shot the picture of me and Knut groundhandling in the sunset. It was around 20km of perfect beach, and a few beach bars with no guests so we had the whole place for ourselves. I had not flown paraglider for many years and did a few very funny takeoff attempts. Esa filmed it so I guess I will be the entertainment on Finlands funniest home videos next month…

I had tried to book a ticket to travel from Mexico to Brasilia, and then back to Oslo, but this would bee extremely more expensive, so I had to fly back to Oslo, work a few days, and then travel back across the Atlantic for the third time in 4 weeks. Glad I have an extra battery on my laptop, so I can play Civ IV for 6 hours straight on the plane to make time go faster. Brasilia was nice, but it’s rainy season and no flying there. I hope to be able to get there again in August this year, to fly the competition there.

It’s only a few weeks left before the comp in Bassano, and it seems to be very popular, with 140 registered HG pilots. Should be good fun, as long as the weather plays along. We are almost 20 Norwegian HG pilots going this year, great attendance.