Short flights

It’s been very hot and nice weather here lately, so I took the Dragonfly for a Saturday evening flight from Spydeberg. It was silk smooth and very warm. Having parked the Dragonfly I went straight to Vågå, as the forecast was good.

Tore and I went to Espesetra on Sunday, I declared an out&return form Sjoa to Lom and back, 109 km. It looked very good, with high cloudbase and not much wind. However the conditions were not exeptional, we struggled to get up, and despite nice clouds I had a very hard time pushing into the wind after turning at Sjoa and pushing up Heidal. I lost altitude all the way, and ended up aborting the task and trying to get back up crossing over to Lalm. I ridge soared there for a while, but could not find any thermals, and landed at Lalm. Nils Åge picked me up, and we drove to Dovre to get Tore who had flown north trying to cross into Grimsdalen.

Today looked good too, but it’s been completely blue and the strong westerlies came in as forecasted. I waited for Olav to finish at work so we could go to Heidal again, but it took too long, and the stronger winds canned the day for us. Looks like the weather will change the coming days with snow(!) forecasted.

I took some photos of the lenticularis clouds here today

.Lentic over VågåLentic over Vågå
Lentic over VågåLentic over VågåLentic over VågåLentic over VågåLentic over VågåLentic over Vågå