Vågå weekend

I went to Vågå the last weekend on a fairly good forecast. Saturday was quite windy, but we went up and had a look. At Vole it seemed OK, but lenticularis clouds were forming all over the sky, and arriving at Blåhø about 500 meters higher it was difficult to stand upright in the wind.

I spent most of the day doing some much needed organizing at the center, removing old noticeboards, posters, and such. I also finished installation of the new weather station hardware and software. You can find live data from the roof of the center at http://hp.nlf.no/rikssenteret/vaerstasjon

Sunday seemed to be a good day, and we went up to Salknappen. It was very good conditions, but the SE winds were quite strong. Steinar was first off on his Falcon 3, and he quickly got high. I got ready and took off straight into a nice thermal. The other pilots were just boating around in the area, and I had not seen that Steinar glided off to the NW. I waited to see if someone were keen to go XC, but nobody wanted to go. I dit not want to go alone into the blue and windy conditions, as it would be hard to push back into the wind getting home from an out&return. Steinar had flown to Lesjaskog, and Olav who came up when I landed went for a small out&return to Otta and back. I did some adjustments to the glider, and went back up for a late night flight together with Bjørn. We set up in a hurry and got off just as it died out completely.

Monday turned out to be a very good day. We drove up too early as the paragliders wanted to get off as early as possible. At Salknappen it was too much cross, so we set up at Vole. Olav and I flew a 50 km triangle that was way too short for a good day. When the day started working around 14:00 we got up to 2300 meters, and around 15:00 I got to 3100 meters, and could see a few scattered clouds that looked like a cloudbase at 3500 meters.

The days so far have been good, and it’s not been nice to be at work looking out at the clouds…

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