Oz 2007, Forbes, task 4

Another long task, 237km dogleg. I had two weaklink brakes, the second at 100 meters, but I hooked on to the thermal that came off the towing strip and managed to climb out. From there it was slow in the beginning and better and better during the day. I took the first start gate as I had dropped out of the top 30, and the lead gaggle caught us 50 km before the first TP. From there I stayed with the lead gaggle all the way to Goal. I came in as number 7 or 8 across the goal line, but since I have 15 minutes slower time I guess I’m around 15. place. Olav also made it quiickly, while Nils was unlucky and landed just after the start circle, and Jon 47km before the first TP. Gerolf won the day. We were not home until 0:30, now sleep. There’s rumours about a 300km task tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Oz 2007, Forbes, task 4”

  1. Way to go! Gratulere med bra plass i dag.

    Vi holder på å kjøre fram og tilbake til Dokka hver lørdag for å få en sklitur på 5 minutter fulgt av en fottur på 2 timer opp igjen til bilen. Sne og sludd i Norge, er overhodet ikke sjalu….

    Achtentachtig gaskachels,


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