Fall weather

It’s been very wet and foggy the last few weeks here around Oslo. Not very good for flying, but typical for the season.

I’ve been occupied with my real job, as the IT market have taken off again, and I have way too many projects to handle right now. In between we also have organization meetings for the hang and paragliding federation. Last weekend we had the yearly meeting for the administrative and operational leaders of the clubs. I did a presentation on the state of competition hanggliding.

The next big event is the 30 year celebration and christmas party for my club, Jetta LSK. It’s held in Vågå 2. December, and we hope to gather as many clubs as possible.

After that I will leave winter behind and travel to Australia 13. Dec to fly the comps there again, something I really look forward to. New glider and harness is ordered, tickets booked, and comp entries secured.

2 thoughts on “Fall weather”

  1. Well, I will Think that its too hot, too dusty, too many difrent creapy dangerous creatures, way too many miles in a over heated car and exhausted long retrivals from even a short XC flight….. and problably burt meat at all too many barbeq partyes…… and ……and …….

    UhUUUUUUU ,,hu. I want too go too!!
    Any one want too sponsor me??

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