Vågå Open 2006, day 6 and 7

Two great days in Vågå, with nice strong lift and not much wind. The task for day 6 was a 91,1km out and return race task, from Vole via Otta to Kvam, and back to Vågå bru and then goal at the center. I flew the task without any major drama, and came in as number 5. Some parts of the course was in shade, and Arnt, Speidern, Jan Erik and me struggled a little in Heidal, but when we got back up again it was easy to get to goal.

Today we had a shorter 50km triangle, race task, with some extra turnpoints for the start circle and final glide. We had to postpone the start gate one hour because of cirrus shading the aree, but when it broke up we were rewarded with great conditions and nice clouds. It was a little crowded outside launch, so I found a nice core to be alone in and took it to cloudbase at 2600 meters.

After the first TP at Otta I chose different than the lead gaggle, and went on a course more towards Lalm. The plan was to take the last lift behind Andershøe, and glide the rest of the course from htere. But the lift behind Andershøe was too weak despite a nice cloud there, and I spent 5 minutes too much there, before crossing over to the last TP in Heidal and joining up with Arnt and Otto. I got in as number 6, and we had 15 pilots in goal. Lots of happy faces and some first goalers too. Great day. Erik V went for open distance and roumour has it he made 175km.
Tomorrow look like it will be another classic day!

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