Milslukern 2006 – Day 2-3-4

I did not have the time to write about the competition here, as the weather turned good and we had flying all days and looong nights with retreives and scoring. I’m running the comp more or less as a one man show, so there’s not much time to spare.

A high pressure area moved in and gave blue skies and warm weather. The high pressure made it quite stable, but with over 25 degress on the ground we got good lift during the day.

On Friday we set a “Race to nowhere” task for the Paragliding Norwegian Cup, with 60 Km goal circle. The race start at 12:30 from the 5 Km start circle around takeoff, and end when you pass 60 Km in any direction. It makes it possible to use all the valley systems, and gives the pilots more choices and freedom to solve the task.

Unfortunately the NW winds hit takeoff just after window open, and some pilots got stuck there. The ones that got out had quite good conditions, and the winnders flew over 100km. 4 PG pilots crossed the virtual 60 Km goal.

Saturday and Sunday were like Friday, but Sunday proved a little more stable and difficult for many. We got many flights over 100km, Olav Opsanger flew SE to Elverum, while Jon Gjerde took a NE route to Os near Røros.

Arnt veststarten
Arnt take off at the West takeoff, Frode Halse in the foreground is grounded in the strong conditions.

Results are delayed until I get all the tracklogs from yeaterday by email. Hopefully tonight.

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