A millimetre away from flying

Saturday was quite windy in Oslo, I did not think it was very good for flying at Trøgstad, and did some shopping instead. I now have garden furniture and a grill (!)

Sunday looked a lot better, I planned a few tasks, including a long goal flight into Sweden at 250km, as it was forecasted westerly winds. I met up with Finn at Spydeberg, and picked up some fluel and towing gear before driving to Trøgstad. The conditions seemed strong, and we had local OD at 12:30 already.

I started setting up my glider, only to figure out that the new fibre tips I bought after my old set was stolen did not fit into the leading edge tube. It was a mm too wide. We did not have any sandpaper at the airstrip, so I just had to pack up again. I drove to Finn and he sanded them down for me so that they fit the glider.

The conditions got quite hysterical later in the day, with lots of local OD, so maybe it was just as well that I did not fly. Still – at cloudbase it was snowing, which makes it easier to go through small showers without ruining the performance of the glider.