Aerotowing at Trøgstad

Yesterday we met up at Trøgstad for some Towing practice. I flew the from Spydeberg while Bjørn got the fuel, towing gear and gliders in his car, and Truls met us at the airstrip. It was 90 degrees crosswind on the airstrip, and a little too strong to take off when it was that much cross, so we set up our gliders and relaxed in the sun for a while.

Around 6 it calmed down enough to be launchable in the crosswind, I had a two aborted launches with the Falcon before everything was set up correctly, and then two nice tows in a row behind Truls. Bjørn towed up twice on his Litespeed. And I took over the Tug and towed up Truls two times on his U2, and Bjørn once on the Falcon. Georgia was groundcrew for us.

It felt different having someone behind the plane, but no problem in the calm conditions. I landed the tug back at Spydeberg at 21:30 in silk smooth condtions. Wish I had brought the camera, as I flew over 3 elks grassing at the airstrip.

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