Next up in Oz

The pilots are in Tocumwal at Tove’s Sportavia soaring center. There will be a week long aerotowing competition that starts on the 21. Tove is running a training camp for new pilots these days before the competition.

According to the Oz report there was a fatal accident there today, where a pilot tucked and spun to the ground from about 130 meters. I feel so sorry for Tove and the pilots there.

There is no competition in Hay or Deniliquin this year, guess the green grass and pool at Tocumwal is preferrable to the desert and dust further north.

Goal at Tocumwal last year, there’s a pool, and resturant between the trees. Nils Åge, Jon and I made it in, after a good day that got difficult at the end.


Atilla won the Bogong cup with a strong 400 point lead on Gerolf in second, and Olli got third place. All Litespeeds. Jon got 13. place overall. Full results from the Oz report

Atilla at Goal in Tocumwal last year.