Winter, tug news

Bjørn and I met up at Sundvollen for a short but very welcome flight after a long hiatus. We met Arild and Johnny there. It was almost soarable, but the wind died down again after we had set up. Nice air, and nice weather. Pics by Eamon the Ozzie backpacker.

Set up on the sun on top

LZ in the shade, happy pilot

Today Alf flew the Tug from Kongsvinger to it’s new home at Spydeberg. I was there plugging the last holes in the roof with silicone and screws, should be less leaky now. I had a short flight as Alf and Truls had to leave, and parked the tug. Pretty cold, and I did not bring enough clothes to fly for any long time. I got a nice view of the area and I’m looking forward to having more hours in the air there.

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