Theory weekend, some tug flying.

I needed to take the theoretical exams for the microlight licence to get my full licence, so I signed up for a full weekend theory course in Kløfta Mikroflyklubb, to get it over with. It started 9 Friday morning, and went until sunday night. It was long and sometimes boring days, we got some good sessions now and then. Navigation was new to me, the rest I knew quite well. The scope of meteo and aerodynamics taught is a joke compared to what we learn our HG students. We did exams after each subject, and I finished with good scores. Of course the weather was really nice the whole weekend when I had to sit inside.

Today I went out to Kongsvinger in the afternoon and flew the tug in very nice, but cold weather. Some pictures;

Low sun over Odalen
Low sun

Self portrait in the towing mirror, yeah it was cold, should have used my full-face helmet with visor.
Self portrait

Sandbanks in the river.

On final glide back to the airstrip, strip is in the shade from the trees. The hangar is next to the white plastic hay bales in the lower middle of the picture. The tug glided from here with good height to spare.
Final glide

The Machine!
The machine

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