Towing at Kongsvinger, day 2

Finn Spjeldnæs was tug pilot and towed up pilots today. We met up at Kongsvinger at 11:00 and did some maintenance on the tug, the engine still did not run well so we have to work some more on it. It was very nice conditions, with weak northerly winds and sunny skies. Johnny Reichele also showed up today and did his first tow, he did well and stuck on the line all the way up.

I wanted to test towing the Falcon, and hooked in behind Finn for the last tow of the day.The glider was easy to tow, but we need to hook in a little more forward to reduce the bar pressure. I tried to induce some turns away from the tug, but the glider just tracked back by itself. It should be a good glider to use for training new pilots.

I took the tug up for 4 rounds in the nice air, to get landing training.

Me taking the Falcon 2 up.