Towing at Kongsvinger

Alf, Truls, Bjørn, Petter, Steinar and I went to Kongsvinger to do some aerotowing. I wanted to get some more hours and landings on the Dragonfly, and only brought my harness in case I could borrow a glider. I was there first and took the tug out of the hangar and set it up. Alf took the first flight, and then I had some flights while the others set up their hanggliders. Condtitions were good with weak northerly winds and cumulus clouds around us.

Alf towed up Petter who was learning how to aerotow, he did pretty good and managed to hang on all the way up on his third attempt. I took a test flight on Steinar’s Litesport to check the trim of the glider. It was very nice to fly, and handled much like the older Litespeeds but with better roll rate. Towing it up on 1/2 VG was no problem at all, and I towed behind Truls with my arms hanging over the basebar. The glider needed some work on the trim, we tuned out a left turn and slowed down trimspeed a little.

I logged 2:30 on the tug, and had 12 good takeoffs and landings. The engine developed a problem during the day where it would stall on idle and when throttling up from idle, a little annoying when taxing, but it worked fine once above 2000 rpms.

Looks like we go back tomorrow to tow with Finn. I hope to get a few hours tomorrow too if the weather stays nice.