Vågå Open 2005 – Day 1 and 2

Day 1 saw no-fly conditions. It was too windy from the North in Vågå, and too low cloudbase in Bøverdalen to make any task there. We had a nice 4 hour session where Gerolf Heinrichs talked about the design and construction of topless hanggliders.

Today the forecast was pretty good, with weak northerly winds, and unstable air. The task comitee set a 70 km local task Vole – Sjoa – Tordkampen – Vågå bru – Goal. First start at 14:00, and 5 15 minute intervals. I got up but struggled to get to cloudbase in the start cylinder. Took the second start after getting up from Gråhøe, but did not have enough height to cross over to Heidal and flew over to Andershøe in hope of some more lift there. It was shade in the whole area by now and I could only get a few hundred meters there, when the sun broke through at Lalm I glided back there and got a very turbulent thermal to get over to Heidal in the far north end.

Heidal was completely in shade, and Bjorn Joakimsen and me glided from cloudbase without getting anything usable. The headwind became stronger close to the TP and I did not have enough height to go through the narrow part of the valley, so I glided back to the main landing where I had seen 5 gliders packing up.

Only 4 pilots made goal, Jon won the day, Andreas Ohlsson second, and Gerolf Heinrichs third.

Results at http://hp.nlf.no/vaagaaopen

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