Stable day at Ringerud, windy in Croatia

Yesterday was a very nice day for hanggliding, unfortunately I did not get out to fly. Nils Åge got a 147km flight from Vågå to Brummundal, and the guys at Dokka had very nice flights too. Today the thermal forecast was very good, and weak SE winds. I met up with Bjørn, Petter and Kristian at Ringerud at noon, it was already strong cycles at takeoff, but a blue sky with no signs of cumies.

Petter quickly fell through after takeoff, while Bjørn and I stayed just above takoff in typical high pressure conditions. Lots of lift, but a strong inversion at 800 meters that proved unbreakable today. I flew down the rigdge to try to get around the corner after the dam, but the headwind and lack of coherent lift made it too risky. I glided back and boated around until I got bored, flew off my height in lazy wingovers over the lake, and landed nicely. Good day but it would be nice to get a XC flight from Ringerud soon, it’s been at least 2 years since I flew anything but local flights there.

When we left Harald was soaring just above takeoff with his Extaccy.

Me and Bjørn thermalling just over takeoff.

In Croatia the Pre-Europeans started today, I talked to Olav on the phone this morning, and it was too windy to fly today.

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  1. “… unfortunately I did not get out to fly.” Say it as it is Øyvind :)- you had too much beer the evening before and slept until 1200.

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