US Nationals, Day 7

Another day with really good conditions, good clouds and no wind. We got a 136km task flying around the green swamp with 5 turnpoints. It was really strong and good conditions around Quest after takeoff, and we spent 30 minutes at cloudbase waiting for the first start gate. Originally I wanted to wait for the second start gate, but it was too cold to hang around in cloudbase wearing only t-shirt and speedsleeves. Jon, Olav Lien and I left at the first start gliding south, Olav Opsanger stayed behind with a few others including the leaders. It would turn out to be a good choice for him.

It was good lift and reasonably quick going until the second TP, where it was a little more shade. I glided out to the TP with Dustin Martin and Nene Rotor and continued on a really long glide back out to the sun. Dustin finally found a thermal at 200 meters above ground, and we got up to cloudbase agan way ahead of the rest of the gaggle. Jon was also joined low in the thermal. From there Jon and me glided to the west aiming for a nice cloudstreet, but it turned out be be quite inactive. I spotted Dustin and Nene that had gone east out over the swamp again to a nice cloud there.

I spend some time getting up before the last TP, when we took it Jon glided straight towards goal but I did not see him and stopped up looking for the last thermal needed to get to final glide altitude. I met up with Olav there, and we spent waaay too much time in that area with only weak and unorganized lift. When we went on final glide it was too low for me to make it, but I could not find any more lift. I was on a 1:14 glide, but hit some sink that made it 1:20 Finally we spotted a few gliders ahead circling up 6 km from goal. I took 3-4 turns there, and made it in with 30 meters to spare.

Weather today is nice, no wind, blue skies. Guess we get another long task today, and then a short one on the last day tomorrow.