US Nationals, Day 4

We got a 106km out&return task, south and back north to Quest along highway 33. It would be strong to moderate crosswind the whole task. I took the last startgate on the second, and had an OK flight until the TP where it was shaded from thick cirrus. We all slowed down and it was very difficult conditions for a long time. Slowly working back we got away from the currus, but it became late in the day. Finally I got back up to 1500 meters, and the next thermal was enough to get me on a final glide. None of the 6-7 other gliders made it in, but I had a easy 15km glide. Don’t know what happened to them. Olav took the start time before me, and had a 3 minutes slower time. Jon landed just north of the TP in the cirrus, and Olav Lien Olsen about 30 km on the way south.