US Nationals, Day 3

It was windy, with a forecasted stable an low day. The start was delayed 30 minutes, and then we went ahead to start the 109km crosswind task. The tug pilot dropped me downwind off track, thanks a lot… I got up in weak lift together with some other struggling poilots drifting way off course, top of the lift was about 1200 meters. Taking the start gate I was pushing back into wind to get closer to the track and the rest of the pilots. The lift was very broken low down, and I had to drift back off course to get enything usable. I had no choice but to keep on pushing into the wind, but it did not work out and I landed about 20 km from the first TP. Life would have been so much easier if I had been towed upwind to fly with the rest of the gaggle. Well, it can only get better after this.

Olav Lien Olsen landed about 15 km before me, Olav Opsanger and Jon made goal. About 20 flex wings in goal, Paris Williams won the day.

Today the winds have died down significantly, there’s still a NE flow, and I guess we will get another crosswind task.