Worlds, day 1

Windy and blue day. Weatherman called inversion at 600 meters this morning, and probably no lift above 1000 meters. It was a 35km/t wind from the south west this morning, but it calmed down a little. We got a nice and easy start with a 182km task to Ivanhoe :-)

I towed up and got out of a windy and turbulent paddock without much drama. I hung around the start circle for a while with Jon and Robin. Taking the first start gate we got lifts to 1800 meters, and got going. The timing was not the best, but it was too windy to wait more.

I flew with Nils Aage and Jon for a while, and we met up again before goal. Jon was first in, me second a minute behind, and Nils 5 minutes later again. Robin came after one hour, and Otto was the last pilot to goal. Johnny landed 45 km before goal.