Hay, NSW, Australia

We had a nice relaxed day in Deni after the comp, driving to Echuca for some shopping and see the movie “Meet the Fockers”, very funny! The day after we drove to Hay, and got our stuff packed out into the houses we have rented. Our driver Carla showed up today, and we managed to get another driver sorted when Tish who originally was driving backed out.

Yesterday was a pretty good day, Rohan Holtkamp flew 456km to set a new Australian record from Hay!
Today is no flying as it is a rest day for the tug pilots. We have the parade through the streets tonight, and a welcome dinner.

Nils Åge was out cycling into town, and was stopped by the police for not wearing a helmet, and cycling on the sidewalk :-) The police here have a roumour for beeing very strict with the rules, but he managed to talk his way out of it without getting a fine.

The comp seems very good organized so far, with 8 pilots per tug it should be quick to get everyone in the air. There is a early bird option for 20 pilots each day.

There is wireless internet at the HQ so I can probably upload some better pictures than in Deni.