Deniliquin, Day 5

Yesterday was a grey and windy day, it was a delayed day, but at the briefing 11:30 we got the message to go out and set up at Conargo. We were told the lift would go to 1800 meters, and got a 157km downwind task over some quite remote areas.

At first nobody got up, but eventually some pilots managed to hang on to the weak lift and drift with the wind. I was undecided about flying, felt too weak and windy to be fun. I took one tow, and got some very weak lift that I did not want to drift in, landed back at the paddoc, and decided to pack up and stay in the pool instead.

Robin got withing 20 km from goal, Nils Åge just behind. Otto did not fly and packed up, Jon and Johnny got 30 km away from start. Nils Åge said he never got above 1300 meters.

Today looks better, with blue sky and light winds.

One thought on “Deniliquin, Day 5”

  1. yeah, rough luck, ….and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.
    PS: Oyvind, I missed you on my SAP training… but your’e lucky, SAP is delayed by a month. You’ll got back when about to go live…..

    rgds Ketil

    you’d better have fun

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