Late night flight

Fredrik and I decided to give Sundvollen a try, with NW winds and nice weather it seemed like a perfect day for that site. I had to work until 15:30, so we were a little late, luckily it turned out to be a good thing as everyone had short extended glides earlier in the day.

It was very calm when we came to the landing, Erik Vermaas had just landed after a short flight. When we came up to takeoff it was blowing 4-5 m/s straight in. It became stronger and very gusty while we were rigging the gliders, so we waited for 2 hours until the sun was setting and the thermals died out. I took off at 19:30 in very laminar and nice air. It was almost too weak in the beginning, but I slowly gained height and got some weak thermals assisting the ridge lift.

The sun was setting, and the view was great from 900 meters. Sundvollen is a very rewarding site to get up at, the terrain is so flat that you feel very high and free as soon as you get a few hundred above the ridge. I got some good thermals even after the sun was below the horizon. I had to land before it became too dark, and joined Fredrik in the newly cut field. A perfect way to spend a Monday night!