Aerotowing at Trøgstad

Saturday was gray and a little windy when I got up, Åge was towing at Trøgstad so I loaded up and drove there to get some airtime. Johannes, Alf and Bjørn was there and were towing. I took one tow to 1000 meters, 200 above cloudbase :-) The conditions were slow, I flew over to a small cumulus that was forming, and tried to find the lift while I was slowly sinking into the condensing fog. I came out through cloudbase and could not find anything strong enought to stay up.

Searching the area I got a small thermal off the horsetrack, and gained 100 meters before it became too weak. The landing was interesting as I got turned 180 degress on final by turbulence, and chose to land in the next field across the creek. I could have tried to continue into a 360 but it would have been risky, no point in risking damage to the glider or myself. Johannes helped me carrying it back across the creek.

I went to the training hill today to have a look, very few students on this course. Johannes and Erik got good flights at Brandbu.