No Manfred in Oz, flying in Lithuania, tracklogs

Manfred Ruhmer said he would probably not go to Australia to fly the worlds when I talked to him in Millau. Now it’s confirmed according to Gerolf and the Oz report. At least there will be some competition about 1. place again.

A pilot with .lt domain emailed me asking about my glider. I asked about flying in Lithuania, here’s what he wrote, would be fun to go there some day;

Yes I’m from Lithuania. We have here some active and passive winches, also airtowing trike. Usual cloudbase is abaout 1500m (varies 1000-2800m). During season paraglider pilots flies 5-7 times more than 100km ( Hangglider pilots don’t like open distance so much as paraglider and flies mostly in competition. There are only 8 hangglider pilots in our country that can take part in competition, not every pilot have enough time, so during our championchip there are 5-7 pilots. There are only few hills 50-35 meters high where we fly in winter when there are no thermals.

Our Lithuanian open championchip usualy is in the end of spring or begining of summer (may-june), starting fee ususally is not more than 50eur (winch towing included – some lottery to get a thermal), air towing (500m) is 7-10eur after than it’s not a problem to get a thermal.
My hanggliding club is in Seduva (between Panevezys and Siauliai), we fly winch and after airtowing trike.

You are welcome to come to our club to fly for fun or Lithuanian open hanggliding championchip. Prices in our country is about same as in Slovakia.

The logs from Milslukern 2004 is available for download.
All logs from both HG and PG are in there in IGC format, they can be converted with GPSDump, or analyzed directly in SeeYou or CompeGPS