Nordic Open 2004 – Day 2

I woke up at 06:00 and it was raining hard outside, by 9:00 the sky was blue but it was very windy. We postponed until 1:00, and then went up to Vole. It was flyable, with some showers from collapsing clouds in the area. The task of the day was the annual one way to Frya, 61 km.

It actually turned out to be difficult as the wet ground made the lift broken and weak. When we in addition got a strong headwind instead of cross-tail wind it became hard to get out to the Gudbrandsdalen valley.

I had a hard time around the start circle, and had to take the start very low. I got up to 1800 meters by Kvam, but could not get over to Heidal and was blown back to Otta. From Otta to Sjoa it was strong headwind, and I barely made it around the turn and onto the ridge soaring past Sjoa. I got a nice 4 m/s there and met Robin and Johannes. From there it was just one more weak lift at Vinstra and glide to goal. Johannes was above me and went first in what turned out to be a tailwind glide. I did not want to risk it first as I drifted back in the last thermal, and could not see any sign of tailwind before Johannes glided.

Andreas won the day, Olav and Nils Åge on second and third. I came fourth with 2:08. 7 people in goal.