European Championships – It’s over

We did the obligatory drive up to the takeoff at Brunas, but it was quite clear there would be no task today. Pilots just wanted to go home, and it was more wind than yesterday at the takoff.

Manfred is the winner again, Alex Ploner in second with Mario Alonzi in third. Our team did not live up to our ambitions. We made 12. place in the team contest, and Olav in place 45 as the best individual.

We will stay until tomorrow, and then drive to Nice to catch the plane home on Sunday morning.

2 thoughts on “European Championships – It’s over”

  1. The level of the Europeans was mabye even higher than the Worlds, so we might see some improvement. Still we should have been among the top 10 teams, even with only 5 pilots on the team.

    (We did beat Sweden and Denmark though!)

  2. Shouldn’t the norwegian team be pleaesed with a respectable effort, considering Olav in 42 (Good!), and Arnt as a debutant in 64 (!)
    Seems to me it is some progress compared to previous competitions ?

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