European Championships – Day 8 and 9

On day 8 it was still blue conditions and difficult conditions, we went to Brunas takeoff, to fly a 112km task. We took off late, and got easily up and to the start circle. We all took the second start time, and I met Olav around the first TP.

Crossing back over Millau we met the headwind, and the conditions became difficult. I was watching ahead for glider, and was not concentrating on the gaggle around me. The other pilots found a core, and were suddenly 200 meters above me. I could not floolw them onto the plateu and had to land about 8 km from the second TP. Olav landed after the third TP, Nils Åge just before it. Arnt and Jonny in the same area as me. Only around 10 pilots made goal. Robert Reisinger bombed out and crashed downwind in the bombout.

Yesterday we had blue day with stronger winds than forecasted. We had to move takeoff from the west to the south takeoff, not fun in 35 degrees heat. I did not check the VG system before I took off, and of course it got stuck. There is no way to fly a 100 km task without VG, so I landed at the camping and packed up. Olav, Nils Åge and Johnny landed around the first TP, Arnt just after takeoff. Shitty day for us. One English pilot crashed on landing and broke a few bones, otherwise OK. This comp have had many more injuries than normal, the combination of wind and rugged terrain makes landings interesting some times.

Today is overcast and the winds seems on the strong side.