European Championships – Day 3

No task today, the day was cancelled due to bad weather forecast at the morning briefing. I got Gerolf to help me tune my glider this morning, we shortened one outer carbon leading edge, and made adjustments to the tip setup, inner cocentric rings, as well as the sprogs to compensate. A lot of changes at once, but it turned out that Gerolf know what he is doing, as the glider was almost perfect when I test flew it later in the day. (He should know, as the designer of the Litespeed :-))

The flight was nice, with thermals and some ridge soaring on Brunas, we went there as it is a nice place to top land if I needed to make more adjustments. Olav and I flew around the area, and landed at the camping. The cloudbase was low at only 1700 meters, and it was probably not a good day for a task.

Here’s a short movie clip of me taking off today from Brunas. The bridge in the background is beeing buildt, and is the tallest bridge in the world, with over 300 meters height.

Arnt and me testing the river water in the camp site, it was cold!

Takeoff the first comp day, everyone is watching the wind dummies.

Results from the competition can be found at