British Open – Final day

No flying today, it was raining this morning and even though the rain ceased it has not been taskable conditions. Lars Bo (Aeros Combat L) from Denmark won the competition, Gordon Rigg (Moyes Litespeed S) on second and Steve Elkins (Avian Cheetah) on third. I felt we got good training and knowledge of the area here with the few days of flying we had. Tomorrow and Monday is official training days for the European Championships, and the first comp day is Tuesday.

The takeoffs for the comp are nice, but the valleys around Millau is not flat and the landings seem quite challenging. I do not want to fly tasks into the valleys here in strong winds like we had two days ago. If we can stay over the mountain plateaus it’s fine, as it’s flat and lots of big fields. The area we take off into is where three valleys meet, this can make the winds very unpredictable and turbulent. The locals say it’s usually calm winds and lots of paragliders fly here all the time.

Today’s been a slow day walking in the city and fiddling with our equipment. As always there are some details and adjustments that needs to be done.