British Open – Day 4

We first went up to Punte takeoff, but when we were set up and ready to go the wind switched to the north and became stronger (Sound familiar?). So we all packed up and went to the Brunas takeoff, we got a 76km task with first start gate at 16:15 We took off just before 16:00, and got up and away at the first gate. It was strong headwind and inverted stable conditions.

The first TP was difficult, but I got a good thermal that gave me height to glide to second. There I got stuck for 45 minutes soaring on a hill with 20 other pilots, including Olav. When we finally got away from there it was OK conditions downwind to goal. Arnt got stuck on the takoff, and started at 17:00, wich proved to be a good thing since the conditions got much better later in the day. Arnt got to goal 30 minutes after me, but with a 10 minutes better time. Olav landed 20 km short of goal.

Today looks like another good day here, blue skies and not much wind in the morning.